Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Inconvenient Massage

I'm sure you all are aware of Al Gore's "incident" when he came to Portland. I'm hear to clear up some rumors. First of all, he is no poodle my friends, that I assure you. (check out the full story here)

It all started when he came into my massage parlor. This one is a far cry from the one I worked at in Thailand as a young pup. We have different rules here in the States. I wooed him with my dew claw shiatsu. He wooed me with his talk of global warming and his invention of the interwebs.

He just couldn’t resist my womanly charms.

It was a one time fling and I hope Tipper forgives him for his transgressions.

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amy said...

Oh Stella I have missed your blog posts! If it were up to you I know you would post daily but you have to rely on that mom of your's to allow you on the computer.